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Basel [ imenica {geologija} ]
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A city in northwestern Switzerland; Also called: Basle, Bale.
Or Basle (French Bâle) Financial, commercial, and industrial city (dyes, vitamins, agrochemicals, dietary products, genetic products) in Switzerland; Basel was a strong military station under the Romans. In 15it joined the Swiss confederation and later developed as a center for the Reformation.
It has the chemical firms Hoffman–La Roche, Sandoz, and Ciba-Geigy. There are trade fairs, and it is the headquarters of the Bank for International Settlements. There is an 11th-century cathedral (rebuilt after an earthquake 1356), a 16th-century town hall, and a university dating from the 15th century.

Bazel [ muški rod {geologija} ]

Grad na severozapadu Švajcarske.

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