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Mikhail (1948-) Latvian-born dancer, now based in the US. He joined the Kirov Ballet 1967 and, after defecting from the Soviet Union 1974, joined the American Ballet Theatre (ABT) as principal dancer, partnering Gelsey Kirkland. He left to join the New York City Ballet 1978–80, but rejoined ABT as director 1980–90. From 1990 he has danced for various companies including his own modern dance company, White Oak Project. His physical prowess and amazing aerial feats have combined with an impish sense of humor and dash to make him one of the most accessible of dancers.
He has created many roles, for example in Twyla Tharp’s Push Comes to Shove 1976 and in Jerome Robbins’ Opus 19 1979 (Prokofiev). He made his film debut in The Turning Point 1978 and has since acted in other films, including White Nights 1985. He made his dramatic stage debut in Metamorphosis 1989.

1. Barišnjikov Mihalj

muški rodlično ime

Američki baletan ruskog porekla.

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