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auger [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. augoure, nauger, AS. nafegâr, from nafu, nafa, nave of a wheel + gâr spear, and therefore meaning properly and originally a nave-bore. Related to Nave (of a wheel) and Gore.
(Homonym: augur).
Hand tool for boring holes; SYN. gimlet, screw auger, wimble.
Hand-tool with corkscrew-shaped bit used for boring holes in wood; larger tool for boring holes in ground.
Tool for boring holes. In archeology a large auger is used to collect sediment and soil samples below ground without hand excavation, or to determine the depth and type of archeological deposits. The auger may be hand-or machine-powered.

bušilica [ ženski rod ]

Alat za bušenje rupa.

drvodeljsko svrdlo [ imenica ]

svrdlo [ imenica ]


veliko svrdlo [ imenica ]

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