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A measurement of weight, corresponding to 2000 pounds (short ton), 2240 pounds (long ton), or 1000 kilograms (metric ton).
unit of cooling power equal to 12,000 BTU per hour
Unit (symbol t) of mass. The short ton, used in the US and Canada, is 2,000 lb/907 kg. The long ton, used in the UK, is 2,240 lb/1,016 kg. The metric ton or tonne is 1,000 kg/2,205 lb.
In shipping, gross tonnage is calculated in units of volume (called register tons) equal to 2.8 cubic meters/100 cubic feet; it measures the total internal volume of a ship. Net register tonnage is the amount of gross tonnage (in register tons) used for carrying cargo or passengers. Displacement tonnage is the weight of the vessel, in terms of the number of long tons of sea water displaced when the ship is loaded to its load line; it is used to describe warships, and one displacement ton equals 35 cubic feet.

1. Tonne

ženski rodgramatika

(Schiffahrt) 1. Registertonne; 2. Seezeichen.

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