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ETYM French denier, from Latin denarius a Roman silver coin orig. equiv. to ten asses, later, a copper, from deni ten by ten, from the root of decem ten; akin to Eng. ten. Related to Ten, Denary, Dinar.
One who denies.
Unit of yarn fineness.
Originally a unit of weight (about 81/5 troy grains) of silk, rayon, nylon, etc.; later, an indication of the fineness of such yarns, the lower the denier number the finer the yarn.
Unit used in measuring the fineness of yarns, equal to the mass in grams of 9,000 meters of yarn. Thus 9,000 meters of 15 denier nylon, used in nylon stockings, weighs 15 g/0.5 oz, and in this case the thickness of thread would be 0.00425 mm/0.0017 in. The term is derived from the French silk industry; the denier was an old French silver coin.
In the US and Canada a unit called the drex, equal to the mass of 10,000 meters is used. The tex, equal to the mass of 1,000 meters, is the most common unit in the textile industry.

1. Fadenstärke

ženski rod

2. Verweigerer

muški rod

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