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Prevod reči: complement

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complement [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin complementun: cf. French complément. Related to Complete, Compliment.
Either of two parts that mutually complete each other.
Something added to complete or make perfect.
A word or phrase used to complete a grammatical construction.
A complete number or quantity.
Number needed to make up whole force; SYN. full complement.
One of a series of enzymes in the blood serum that are part of the immune response.
Full number or amount; addition that makes up full number; one of two equal things that complete each other; Grammar, addition to complete a predicate.
(Homonym: compliment).

Ergänzung [ ženski rod ]
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Gegensatz [ muški rod ]
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Gegenstück [ imenica ]
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Komplement [ imenica ]
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Andere Bezeichnung für oder binäre Zahl mit entgegengesetztem Vorzeichen

complement [ glagol ]
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ETYM See Complement (n.).
obsolete; to exchange formal courtesies.
To be complementary to.
3 obsolete; compliment.
To make complementary to.

ergänzen [ glagol ]
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complement [ imenica {matematika} ]
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Loosely, a number that can be thought of as the mirror image of another number written to the same base, such as base or base Complements are commonly used to represent negative numbers. Two types of complements are encountered in computer-related contexts: radix-minus-1 complements and true complements. A radix-minus-1 complement is known in the decimal system as a nine’s complement and in the binary system as a one’s complement. True complements are known in the decimal system as ten’s complement and in binary as two’s complement—a form commonly used to represent negative numbers in processing. See also complementary operation, nine’s complement, one’s complement, ten’s complement, two’s complement.
In mathematics, the set of the elements within the universal set that are not contained in the designated set. For example, if the universal set is the set of all positive whole numbers and the designated set S is the set of all even numbers, then the complement of S (denoted S´) is the set of all odd numbers.

Komplement [ imenica {matematika} ]
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