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wind up


1. To give a preliminary swing to the arm pitching, as in baseball.
2. When you say that someone or something winds up a certain way or winds up doing something, you mean that this situation was the result of a series of decisions, actions, or unplanned and unexpected occurrences. End up is similar to wind up.

1. conclure


1. Terminer.
2. Arręter. Conclure une vente.
3. (Intrans.) Déduire. Il a conclu que tout allait bien.

2. embobiner



3. remonter


1. Monter de nouveau.
2. Relever. Remonter son col.
3. Reconstituer. Remonter un stock, un moteur.
4. Réconforter. Remonter quelqu'un.
5. (Intrans.) Se redresser. L'euro remonte.
6. (Intrans.) (ŕ) Dater de. Les faits remontent ŕ l'an passé.

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