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Sinonimi: yarn

ETYM Old Eng. threed, thred, as. thraed; akin to Dutch draad, German draht wire, thread, Old High Germ. drât, Icel. thrâthr a thread, Swed. trad, Dan. traad, and as. thrâwan to twist. Related to Throw, Third.
A fine cord of twisted fibers (of cotton or silk or wool or nylon etc.) used in sewing and weaving; SYN. yarn.

1. fibre

ženski rod


2. fil

muški rod

1. Brin. Un fil de soie.
2. Direction. Le fil de l'eau.
3. Enchaînement. Le fil de la conversation.
4. Tranchant. Le fil de la lame.

thread | englesko - francuski prevod



1. In programming, a process that is part of a larger process or program.
2. In a tree data structure, a pointer that identifies the parent node and is used to facilitate traversal of the tree.
3. In electronic mail and Internet newsgroups, a series of messages and replies related to a specific topic.
Each process has one or more threads assigned to it. Threads are the part of the program that execute.

1. fil

muški rodračunari

thread | englesko - francuski prevod



To pass a thread through

1. enfiler


Passer. Enfiler une aiguille, un manteau.

2. lacer


1. Nouer.
2. Ficeler.

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