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Sinonimi: dirt

The part of the earth's surface consisting of humus and disintegrated rock; SYN. dirt.
Loose covering of broken rocky material and decaying organic matter overlying the bedrock of the Earth’s surface. Various types of soil develop under different conditions: deep soils form in warm wet climates and in valleys; shallow soils form in cool dry areas and on slopes. Pedology, the study of soil, is significant because of the relative importance of different soil types to agriculture.
The organic content of soil is widely variable, ranging from zero in some desert soils to almost 100% in peats.

1. sol

muški rod

1. Terre. Toucher le sol.
2. Terrain. Le plan d'occupation des sols.
3. Plancher. Le sol d'une pièce.
4. Note de musique.

2. terre

ženski rod

1. Notre planète : la Terre.
2. Monde. Parcourir la terre.
3. Pays. Les terres de l'Est.
4. Sol (surface). Les pieds sur la terre.
5. Sol (matière). Une terre fertile.
6. (Au pluriel) Propriété. Vivre sur ses terres.

soil | englesko - francuski prevod



ETYM Old Eng. soilen, Old Fren. soillier, French souiller, (assumed) Late Lat. suculare, from Latin sucula a little pig, dim. of sus a swine. Related to Sow.
1. To make dirty or unclean on the surface; to foul; to dirty.
2. To stain or mar, as with infamy or disgrace; to tarnish.

1. salir


1. Tacher.
2. Souiller. Salir ses habits.
3. Déshonorer. Salir la réputation de quelqu'un.

2. souiller


1. Salir. Souiller un linge.
2. Déshonorer. Souiller son propre nom.

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