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offer [ imenica ]
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ETYM Cf. French offre, from offrir to offer, from Latin offerre. Related to Offer.
Something offered (as a proposal or bid); SYN. offering.
The verbal act of offering; SYN. offering.

offre [ ženski rod ]
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proposition [ ženski rod ]
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offer [ glagol ]
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To put forward for consideration
To make available or accessible, provide or furnish
To offer verbally:; SYN. extend.
To present as an act of worship; SYN. offer up.
To present for acceptance or rejection; SYN. proffer.
To produce or introduce on the stage;King Lea
To propose a payment; as at sales or auctions; SYN. bid, tender.
To make available for sale
To threaten to do something:

offrir [ glagol ]
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Donner. Offrir une bague.
Proposer. Offrir son aide.
Comporter. Un plan qui offre des avantages.
(Pron.) (Familier) Se payer. S'offrir des vacances.

tendre [ glagol ]
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Raidir. Tendre un cordage.
Dresser. Tendre une tente.
Offrir. Tendre un siège.
Tapisser. Tendre une chambre.
Aller vers. Tendre ŕ la perfection.

proposer [ glagol ]
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Présenter. Proposer ses services.
Offrir. Proposer une somme forfaitaire.
(Pron.) Avoir l'intention. Se proposer de prendre la parole.

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