nation | englesko - francuski prevod



Sinonimi: nationality | land | country | a people

ETYM French nation, Latin natio nation, race, orig., a being born, from natus, p. p. of nasci, to be born, for gnatus, gnasci, from the same root as Eng. kin. Related to Kin kindred, and cf. Cognate, Natal, Native.
1. A federation of tribes (especially native American tribes).
2. The people of a nation or country or a community of persons bound by a common heritage; SYN. nationality, land, country, a people.

1. gent

ženski rod


2. nation

ženski rod

1. Peuple.
2. État souverain.

3. patrie

ženski rod

1. Pays.
2. Communauté d'origine.

4. pays

muški rod

1. Nation. La défense du pays.
2. Région. Le pays breton.
3. Localité. Habiter un petit pays.

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