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ETYM French grčbe, from Armor. krib comb; akin to kriben crest, W. crib comb, crest. So called in allusion to the crest of one species.
Small compact-bodied almost completely aquatic bird that builds floating nests; similar to loons but smaller and with lobate rather than webbed feet.
Any of 19 species of water birds belonging to the family Podicipedidae. The great crested grebe Podiceps cristatus is the largest of the Old World grebes. It lives in ponds and marshes in Eurasia, Africa, and Australia, feeding on fish. It grows to 50 cm/20 in long and has a white breast, with chestnut and black feathers on its back and head.
The head and neck feathers form a crest, especially prominent during the breeding season.

1. grèbe

muški rodptica


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