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Sinonimi: smithy

ETYM French forge, from Latin fabrica the workshop of an artisan who works in hard materials, from faber artisan, smith, as adj, skillful, ingenious. Related to Fabric.
1. A special hearth where metal is heated before shaping.
2. A workplace where metal is worked by heating and hammering; SYN. smithy.

1. forge

ženski rod

1. Atelier oů l'on travaille le fer.
2. Fourneau oů l'on chauffe le fer afin de le travailler, de le forger.
3. (Vieux) Lieu oů l'on fond le fer quand il est tiré de la mine, et oů on le met en barre.

forge | englesko - francuski prevod



Sinonimi: fake | counterfeit | spurt | spirt

1. To make a copy of with the intent to deceive; SYN. fake, counterfeit.
2. To move ahead steadily.
3. To move with increasing speed; SYN. spurt, spirt.
4. To shape with a hammer, in the case of of metals: to hammer.

1. contrefaire


1. Imiter. Contrefaire une signature.
2. (Au figuré) Feindre. Contrefaire la folie.

2. falsifier


1. Altérer.
2. Dénaturer.

3. forger


1. Façonner. Forger le fer.
2. Inventer. Forger sa version des faits.

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