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ETYM French essence, Latin essentia, formed as if from a p. pr. of esse to be. Related to Is, Entity.
Any substance possessing to a high degree the predominant properties of a plant or drug or other natural product from which it is extracted.
In philosophy, all that makes a thing what it is and is indispensable to the thing. Philosophers have often distinguished nominal essences from real essences. A nominal essence is a group of terms used to define a concept: thus, the nominal essence of the concept of a horse could be “anything that neighs and has a mane and four legs”. A real essence is either a group of universals objectively given in nature (this is also called a form) or (as in the work of John Locke) the underlying structure of an object; for example, its atomic structure.

1. âme

ženski rod

1. Coeur.
2. Esprit. Âme noble.
3. Sensibilité. Agir avec âme.
4. Centre. Âme d'un câble.
5. Habitant. Un village de mille âmes.

2. essence

ženski rod

1. Substance.
2. Nature. Essence d'un ętre.
3. Extrait. Essence de lavande.
4. Carburant. Essence sans plomb.

3. fond

muški rod

1. Bas. Le fond d'une mare.
2. Base. Aller au fond d'une question.
3. Arrière-plan. Un fond sonore.
4. Intérieur. Au fond de la campagne.
5. (Droit) Essence. Débat sur le fond.

4. substance

ženski rod

1. Corps.
2. Matière. Une substance inconnue.
3. Essentiel. La substance d'une oeuvre.

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