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1. Anything intended to lead into a trap; a lure that deceives and misleads into danger, or into the power of an enemy; a bait.
2. A fowl, or the likeness of one, used by sportsmen to entice other fowl into a net or within shot.
3. A place into which wild fowl, esp. ducks, are enticed in order to take or shoot them.
4. A person employed by officers of justice, or parties exposed to injury, to induce a suspected person to commit an offense under circumstances that will lead to his detection.

1. appât

muški rod

Nourriture qu'on met, soit ŕ des pièges, pour attirer des quadrupèdes ou des oiseaux, soit ŕ des hameçons, pour pęcher des poissons.

2. leurre

muški rod

1. Appât. Un leurre de chasseur.
2. (Au figuré) Duperie. Cette offre est un leurre.

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