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Sinonimi: bagful | handbag | pocketbook | purse | traveling bag | grip | suitcase | old bag

ETYM Old Eng. bagge; cf. Icel. baggi, and also Old Fren. bague, bundle, Late Lat. baga.
1. A flexible (usually cloth, paper, or plastic) container with a single opening.
2. The quantity that a bag will hold; SYN. bagful.
3. A sack used for carrying money and small personal items or accessories (especially by women); SYN. handbag, pocketbook, purse.
4. A portable rectangular traveling bag for carrying clothes; SYN. traveling bag, grip, suitcase.
5. The quantity of game taken in a particular period (usually by one person).
6. An ugly or ill-tempered woman; SYN. old bag.

1. sac

muški rod

1. Sacoche. Sac ŕ main.
2. Poche. Sac en papier.
3. Pillage. Le sac d'une ville.

bag | englesko - francuski prevod



1. To capture or kill, as in hunting.
2. To hang loosely, like an empty bag.
3. To put into a bag.

1. abandonner


1. Quitter.
2. Laisser.
3. Renoncer ŕ. Abandonner ses illusions.
4. (Familier) Plaquer. Abandonner sa famille.
5. (Pron.) Succomber. S'abandonner ŕ la paresse.

2. ensacher


Mettre en sac.

3. mettre en sac



4. prendre


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