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Sinonimi: unmarried man

ETYM Old Fren. bacheler young man, French bachelier (cf. Pr. bacalar, Spanish bachiller, Portu. bacharel, Italian baccalare), Late Lat. baccalarius the tenant of a kind of farm.
A man who has never been married; SYN. unmarried man.
1. A young knight who follows the banner of another.
2. A person who has received what is usually the lowest degree conferred by a 4-year college, university, or professional school ; also; the degree itself.
3. An unmarried man; A male animal (as a fur seal) without a mate during breeding time.

1. célibataire

muški rod

2. garçon

muški rod

1. Fils.
2. Jeune homme.
3. Célibataire. Rester garçon.
4. Employé. Garçon de bureau.

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