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Iceland [ imenica {geologija} ]
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Island country in the N Atlantic Ocean, situated S of the Arctic Circle, between Greenland and Norway.
The 19constitution provides for a president, as head of state, and a legislature, the 63-member Althing, both elected by universal suffrage for a four-year term. Voting is by a system of proportional representation that ensures, as nearly as possible, equality between the proportions of the votes cast and seats won. Once elected, the Althing divides into an upper house of members and a lower house of 4The upper-house members are chosen by the Althing itself, and the remainder of automatically constitute the lower house. Members may speak in either house but vote only in the one for which they have been chosen. Legislation must pass through three stages in each house before being submitted to the president for ratification. On some occasions the Althing sits as a single house. The president appoints the prime minister and cabinet on the basis of parliamentary support, and they are collectively responsible to the Althing.
Iceland was first occupied 8by Norse settlers, who founded a republic and a parliament 93In 10the inhabitants adopted Christianity and about 12submitted to the authority of the king of Norway. In 13Norway, and with it Iceland, came under Danish rule. Iceland remained attached to Denmark after Norway became independent 181From 19it was independent but still recognized the Danish monarch. During World War II Iceland was occupied by British and US forces and voted in a referendum for complete independence 1944.
after independence
In 19Iceland joined NATO and the Council of Europe, and in 19the Nordic Council. Since independence it has been governed by coalitions of the leading parties, sometimes right-and sometimes left-wing groupings, but mostly moderate. The center and right-of-center parties are the Independents and Social Democrats, while those to the left are the Progressives and the People's Alliance. More recent additions have been the Social Democratic Alliance and the Women's Alliance.
Most of Iceland's external problems have been connected with the overfishing of the waters around its coasts. Domestically governments have been faced with the recurring problem of inflation. In 19the Althing unanimously declared the country a nuclear-free zone, banning the entry of all nuclear weapons. The 19elections ended control of the Althing by the Independence and Progressive parties, giving more influence to the minor parties, including the Women's Alliance, which doubled its seat tally. In June 19Vigdís Finnbogadóttir was reelected president for a third four-year term with 92.of the vote. Steingrímur Hermannsson became prime minister. Following a general election April 199he was replaced by Davíd Oddsson, who led a new center-right coalition of the Independence Party and the Social Democratic Party. In 19Iceland announced its defiance of a worldwide ban on whaling in order to resume its own whaling industry.
An island in the North Atlantic.
An island republic on the island of Iceland; became independent of Denmark in 1944.

Islande [ ženski rod {geologija} ]
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