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emisiona banka prevod | srpsko - engleski rečnik

emisiona banka | srpsko - engleski rečnik

emisiona banka

ženski rodfinansije

Banka koja, pored ostalih poslova, ima pravo da izdaje papirni novac i hartije od vrednosti.

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bank of issue

IPA: / ˈbæŋk əv ˈɪʃuː /

Množina: bank of issues

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srpski · nemački

central bank

IPA: / ˈsentrəl ˈbæŋk /

Množina: central banks


A government monetary authority that issues currency and regulates the supply of credit and holds the reserves of other banks and sells new issues of securities for the government.
The bank responsible for issuing currency in a country. Often it is also responsible for foreign-exchange dealings on behalf of the government and for supervising the banking system in the country (it holds the commercial reserves of the nation's clearing banks).
Although typically independent of central government, a central bank will work closely with it, especially in implementing monetary policy. The earliest bank to take on the role of central bank was the Bank of England. In the US the Federal Reserve System was established 1913.

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issuing bank

IPA: / ˈɪnsədənt əv pəˈliːs bruːˈtæləti /

Množina: issuing banks

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srpski · nemački

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