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Russo-Japanese War prevod | englesko - srpski rečnik

Russo-Japanese ... | englesko - srpski rečnik

Russo-Japanese War

IPA: / |russo japanese| ˈwɔːr /

Množina: Russo-Japanese Wars


Victory in the war with Russia (1904-1905) gave Japan power over Korea and Manchuria.
War between Russia and Japan 1904–05, which arose from conflicting ambitions in Korea and Manchuria, specifically, the Russian occupation of Port Arthur (modern Lüshun) 1897 and of the Amur province 1900. Japan successfully besieged Port Arthur May 1904–Jan 1905, took Mukden (modern Shenyang, see Mukden, Battle of) on 29 Feb–10 March, and on 27 May defeated the Russian Baltic fleet, which had sailed halfway around the world to Tsushima Strait. A peace was signed 23 Aug 1905. Russia surrendered its lease on Port Arthur, ceded S Sakhalin to Japan, evacuated Manchuria, and recognized Japan's interests in Korea.

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