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Black National State


Area in the Republic of South Africa set aside, 1971–94, for development toward self-government by black Africans, in accordance with apartheid. Before 1980 these areas were known as black homelands or bantustans. Making up less than 14% of the country, they tended to be situated in arid areas (though some had mineral wealth), often in scattered blocks. Those that achieved nominal independence were Transkei 1976, Bophuthatswana 1977, Venda 1979, and Ciskei 1981. They were not recognized outside South Africa because of their racial basis.
Outbreaks of violence resulted in the overthrow of the governments in Ciskei and Venda 1990, and calls for reintegration within South Africa in all of the four independent states. Bophuthatswana was annexed by the South Africa March 1994 after a popular uprising.
The repeal of the Land Acts and Group Areas Acts 1991 promised progressively to change the status of Black National States. Under South Africa's interim nonracial constitution, which came into effect April 1994, the states became part of the republic's provincial structure, with guaranteed legislative and executive power.

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