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biological navigation


The ability of animals or insects to navigate. Although many animals navigate by following established routes or known landmarks, many animals can navigate without such aids; for example, birds can fly several thousand miles back to their nest site, over unknown terrain.
Such feats may be based on compass information derived from the position of the Sun, Moon, or stars, or
on the characteristic patterns of Earth's magnetic field.
Biological navigation refers to the ability to navigate both in long-distance migrations and over shorter distances when foraging (for example, the honey bee finding its way from the hive to a nectar site and back). Where reliant on known landmarks, birds may home on features that can be seen from very great distances (such as the cloud caps that often form above isolated mid-ocean islands). Even smells can act as a landmark. Aquatic species like salmon are believed to learn the characteristic taste of the river where they hatch and return to it, often many years later. Brain cells in some birds have been found to contain magnetite and may therefore be sensitive to the Earth's magnetic field.

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