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(1748-1832) English philosopher, legal and social reformer, and founder of utilitarianism. The essence of his moral philosophy is found in the pronouncement of his Principles of Morals and Legislation (written 1780, published 1789): that the object of all legislation should be “the greatest happiness for the greatest number”.
Bentham declared that the “utility” of any l
aw is to be measured by the extent to which it promotes the pleasure, good, and happiness of the people concerned. In 1776 he published Fragments on Government. He made suggestions for the reform of the poor law 1798, which formed the basis of the reforms enacted 1834, and in his Catechism of Parliamentary Reform 1817 he proposed annual elections, the secret ballot, and universal male suffrage. He was also a pioneer of prison reform.
In economics he was an apostle of laissez-faire, and in his Defence of Usury 1787 and Manual of Political Economy 1798 he contended that his principle of “utility” was best served by allowing every man (sic) to pursue his own interests unhindered by restrictive legislation. He was made a citizen of the French Republic 1792.

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