zoom | engleski leksikon

1. zoom


1. A camera lens allowing for adjustable degrees of enlargement.
2. A picture (still or moving) taken using a zoom lens.

zoom | engleski leksikon

2. zoom


Sinonimi: zoom along | whizz | whizz along

1. To move along very quickly; SYN. zoom along, whizz, whizz along.
2. To move noisily, as of aircraft.
3. To move, or appear to move, rapidly closer to a subject; said especially of a camera being focused to magnify its subject.

zoom | engleski leksikon

3. zoom


To enlarge a selected portion of a graphical image or document to fill a window or the screen. Zooming is a feature of many programs, including drawing, word processing, and spreadsheet programs, that allows the user to select a small part of the screen, zoom it, and make changes to the enlarged portion at a finer level of detail. See also window.

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