zombie | engleski leksikon

1. zombie


A mixed drink made of several kinds of rum, liqueur, and fruit juice.

zombie | engleski leksikon

2. zombie


Sinonimi: zombi

In voodoo worship, a corpse made by witchcraft to move and walk as if alive; slang, a person of the lowest order of intelligence.
Corpse believed to be reanimated by a spirit and enslaved. The idea, widespread in Haiti, possibly arose from voodoo priests using the nerve poison tetrodotoxin (from the puffer fish) to produce a semblance of death from which the victim afterwards physically recovers. Those eating incorrectly prepared puffer fish in Japan have been similarly affected.
Several kinds of rum with fruit juice and usually apricot liqueur; SYN. zombi.

zombie | engleski leksikon

3. zombie


A compromised system used as an intermediary in a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.
A computer that has become the unwilling host of a DDoS (distributed denial of services) attack program and that is controlled by remote signals from the attacker. To create a zombie, a hacker utilizes security vulnerabilities to crack a Web, mail, news, or application server and plant hidden DDoS tools such as Trinoo and Tribal Flood Network. Later, at a signal from the attacker, the server becomes a zombie that will participate in a coordinated attack on other servers. See also DDoS, hacker.

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