world | engleski leksikon

1. world


1. Of or relating to the world
2. Extending or found throughout the world; worldwide
3. Involving or applying to part of or the whole world
4. Internationally recognized; renowned, distinguished

world | engleski leksikon

2. world


Sinonimi: globe | the blue planet | human race | humanity | humankind | human beings | humans | mankind | man | reality | domain

ETYM Old Eng. world, werld, weorld, weoreld, as. weorold, worold.
1. The planet earth; SYN. globe, the blue planet.
2. A part of the earth that can be considered separately.
3. All of the inhabitants of the earth; SYN. human race, humanity, humankind, human beings, humans, mankind, man.
4. All of one's experiences that determine how things appear to you; SYN. reality.
5. People in general; especially a distinctive group of people with some shared interest; SYN. domain.

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