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1. wise


ETYM Old Eng. wise, AS. wîse.
Having or prompted by wisdom or discernment.

Wise | engleski leksikon

2. Wise

muški rodlično ime

(1874-1949) Hungarian-born US religious leader. Ordained as a reform rabbi 1893, he served congregations in New York City 1893–1900 and Portland, Oregon, 1900–07, after which he became rabbi of the Free Synagogue in New York. He was president of the American Jewish Congress 1924–49.
Born in Budapest, Wise emigrated to the US with his family 1875. Educated at the City College of New York, he received a PhD from Columbia University 1901. An ardent Zionist, he attended the Versailles Peace Conference 1919.
His autobiography, Challenging Years, appeared 1949.

Wise | engleski leksikon

3. Wise

muški rodlično ime

(1914-) US film director. He began as a film editor, making his directing debut with a horror film, Curse of the Cat People 1944; he progressed to such large-scale projects as The Sound of Music 1965 and Star 1968. His other films include The Body Snatcher 1945 and Star Trek: The Motion Picture 1979.

wise | engleski leksikon

4. wise


Sinonimi: method

A way of doing or being; SYN. method.

Wise | engleski leksikon

5. Wise


Town in Virginia (USA); zip code 24293.

wise | engleski leksikon

6. wise


1. To give instruction or information to; teach — usually used with up
2. To become informed or knowledgeable; learn — used with up

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