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1. want


ETYM Originally an adj, from Icel. vant, neuter of vanr lacking, deficient. Related to Wane.
(Homonym: wont).
In economics, the desire of consumers for material goods and services. Wants are argued to be infinite, meaning that consumers can never be satisfied with their existing standard of living but would always like to consume more goods and services. Infinite wants mean that resources have to be allocated.

want | engleski leksikon

2. want


Sinonimi: need | require | lack

ETYM Icel. vanta to be wanting. Related to Want to lack.
(Homonym: wont).
1. To wish or demand the presence of.
2. To have need of; SYN. need, require.
3. To hunt or look for; want for a particular reason:.
4. To be without, lack; be deficient in; SYN. lack.

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