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1. view


ETYM Old Fren. veue, French vue, from Old Fren. veoir to see, p. p. veu, French voir, p. p. vu, from Latin videre to see. Related to Vision, and cl. Interview, Purview, Review, Vista.
1. Outward appearance.
2. The act of looking or seeing or observing; SYN. survey, sight.
3. The phrase means.
4. The range of the eye; SYN. eyeshot.
5. The visual percept of a region; SYN. aspect, prospect, scene, vista, panorama.

view | engleski leksikon

2. view


A database component that behaves exactly like a table but has no independent existence of its own.
1. The display of data or an image from a given perspective or location.
2. In relational database management systems, a logical table created through the specification of one or more relational operations on one or more tables. A view is equivalent to a divided relation in the relational model. See also relational database, relational model.

view | engleski leksikon

3. view


Sinonimi: consider | look at

To look at carefully; study mentally; SYN. consider, look at.

view | engleski leksikon

4. view


To cause an application to display information on a computer screen.

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