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1. UP


Upper Peninsula (of Michigan)

up | engleski leksikon

2. up


Sinonimi: upward

1. Being or moving higher in position or greater in some value; being above a former position or level
2. Extending or moving toward a higher place; SYN. upward.
3. (Usually followed by 'on' or 'for') In readiness
4. Open
5. Used up
6. (Used of computers) Operating properly

up | engleski leksikon

3. up


Functioning and available for use; used in describing computers, printers, communications lines on networks, and other such hardware.

up | engleski leksikon

4. up


1. One in a high or advantageous position
2. An upward slope
3. A period or state of prosperity or success
4. Upper
5. A fundamental quark that has an electric charge of +2/3 and that is one of the constituents of a nucleon

up | engleski leksikon

5. up


ETYM as. up, upp, űp; akin to OFries. up, op, Dutch op, os. űp, Old High Germ. űf, German auf, Icel. and Swed. upp, Dan. op, Goth. iup, and probably to Eng. over. Related to Over.
1. Spatially or metaphorically from a lower to a higher position; SYN. upwards, upward, upwardly.
2. Nearer to the speaker.
3. To a higher intensity.
4. To a later time; SYN. upwards, upward.
5. To a more central or a more northerly place.

up | engleski leksikon

6. up


To raise

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