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1. unction


ETYM Old Eng. unccioun, uncioun, Old Fren. oncion, onction, French onction, from Latin unctio, from ungere, unctum, to anoint. Related to Unguent.
1. Anointing as part of a religious ceremony or healing ritual; SYN. inunction.
2. Excessive but superficial compliments given with affected charm; SYN. smarm, fulsomeness.
Anointing as right of consecration or healing; warmth of address.
Act of, or oil used in, anointing; fervor; oiliness; simulated emotion.
In religion, anointing, either in a physical or a metaphorical sense of being appointed for a purpose. In the Hebrew Bible there are references to kings and priests being anointed as a sign of their position. In Christianity, unction (which may be the substance used or the act of anointing) is given in certain rites, including baptism in some churches, but especially for healing or for the dying.

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