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1. twin


ETYM Old Eng. twin double, as. getwinne two and two, pl., twins; akin to Dutch tweeling a twin, German zwilling, Old High Germ. zwiniling, Icel. tvennr, tvinnr, two and two, twin, and to as. twi- two. Related to Twice, Two.
1. Being one of two born at a birth.
2. Being one of a pair much resembling one another.
3. Double; consisting of two similar and corresponding parts.

twin | engleski leksikon

2. twin


One of two young produced from a single pregnancy. Human twins may be genetically identical (monozygotic), having been formed from a single fertilized egg that splits into two cells, both of which became implanted. Nonidentical (fraternal or dizygotic) twins are formed when two eggs are fertilized at the same time.
Either of two offspring born at the same time.

Twin | engleski leksikon

3. Twin


A waterfall in the Snake River in southern Idaho; Also called: Twin Falls.

twin | engleski leksikon

4. twin


Sinonimi: duplicate | parallel

1. To duplicate or match; SYN. duplicate, parallel.
2. To give birth to twins.
3. To grow as twins, of crystals.

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