token | engleski leksikon

1. token


Sinonimi: item

ETYM Old Eng. token, taken, as. tâcen.
1. A metal or plastic disk that can be used (as a substitute for coins) in slot machines.
2. An individual instance of a type of symbol; SYN. item.

token | engleski leksikon

2. token


1. A unique structured data object or message that circulates continuously among the nodes of a token ring and describes the current state of the network. Before any node can send a message, it must first wait to control the token. See also token bus network, token passing, token ring network.
2. Any nonreducible textual element in data that is being parsed—for example, the use in a program of a variable name, a reserved word, or an operator. Storing tokens as short codes shortens program files and speeds execution. See also Basic, parse.

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