timber | engleski leksikon

1. timber


(Homonym: timbre).
1. A beam made of wood.
2. A post made of wood.
Wood used in construction, furniture, and paper pulp. Hardwoods include tropical mahogany, teak, ebony, rosewood, temperate oak, elm, beech, and eucalyptus. All except eucalyptus are slow-growing, and world supplies are near exhaustion. Softwoods comprise the conifers (pine, fir, spruce, and larch), which are quick to grow and easy to work but inferior in quality of grain. White woods include ash, birch, and cottonwood; all have light-colored timber, are fast-growing, and can be used through modern methods as veneers on cheaper timber.

timber | engleski leksikon

2. timber


To frame, cover, or support with timbers

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