survey | engleski leksikon

1. survey


Sinonimi: study

ETYM Formerly accentuated universally on the last syllable, and still so accented by many speakers.
In statistics, a method of collecting data in which people are asked to answer a number of questions (usually in the form of a questionnaire). An opinion poll is a survey. The reliability of a survey's results depends on whether the sample from which the information has been collected is free from bias and sufficiently large.
Means of finding out information by posing questions of individuals or organizations. Surveys may be carried out by post, telephone, or personal interview. Most surveys only involve a sample of respondents.
A detailed critical inspection; SYN. study.

survey | engleski leksikon

2. survey


Sinonimi: appraise

1. To consider in a comprehensive way; SYN. appraise.
2. To make a survey of.
3. To make a survey of; for statistical purposes.
4. To plot a map of (land).

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