stout | engleski leksikon

1. stout


1. Strong; vigorous; robust; sinewy; muscular.
2. Large; bulky; corpulent.
3. Firm; tough; materially strong; enduring.

Stout | engleski leksikon

2. Stout

muški rodlično ime

(1844-1930) New Zealand politician, born in Scotland; prime minister 1884–87.
He arrived in New Zealand in 1863 and was a school teacher and lawyer before entering parliament 1875 as a member of the Radical Party. During his prime ministership he legislated that all land purchases should be made through government commissioners and supported the temperance movement.

Stout | engleski leksikon

3. Stout


City in Iowa (USA).

stout | engleski leksikon

4. stout


1. A garment size for a large or heavy person.
2. Strong dark heavy-bodied porter.

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