stop | engleski leksikon

1. stop


Serving to stop; designed to stop

stop | engleski leksikon

2. stop


(Music) A knob on an organ that is pulled to change the sound quality from the organ pipes
In music, a knob which controls a register on an organ or a manual (keyboard) on some harpsichords, enabling the player to alter the instrument's tone quality in various ways. See also registration.

stop | engleski leksikon

3. stop


Sinonimi: stoppage | halt | stopover | layover

1. The act of stopping something; SYN. stoppage.
2. The event of something ending; SYN. halt.
3. A spot where something halts or pauses
4. A brief stay in the course of a journey; SYN. stopover, layover.

stop | engleski leksikon

4. stop


1. A device for arresting or limiting motion
2. The act of stopping; the state of being stopped; check

stop | engleski leksikon

5. stop


Sinonimi: halt | stop over | halt | block | kibosh

1. To cause to stop
2. To come to a halt, stop moving; SYN. halt.
3. To interrupt a trip; SYN. stop over.
4. To stop from happening or developing; SYN. halt, block, kibosh.

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