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1. stone


1. Made of stone or rock.
2. Of any of various dull tannish-gray colors.

stone | engleski leksikon

2. stone


Entirely, utterly — used as an intensive; often used in combination

Stone | engleski leksikon

3. Stone

ženski rodlično ime

(1818-1893) US feminist orator and editor. Married to the radical Henry Blackwell in 1855, she gained wide publicity when, after a mutual declaration rejecting the legal superiority of the man in marriage, she chose to retain her own surname. The term “Lucy Stoner” was coined to mean a woman who advocated doing the same.
Stone was born in Massachusetts, attended Oberlin College, and gave public lectures from 1847 against black slavery and for women’s rights. In the 1860s she helped to establish the American Woman Suffrage Association and founded and edited the Boston Woman’s Journal, a suffragist paper that was later edited by her daughter Alice Stone Blackwell (1857–1950).

Stone | engleski leksikon

4. Stone

muški rodlično ime

(Anthony) (1937-) US novelist and journalist. His Dog Soldiers 1974 is a classic novel about the moral destructiveness of the Vietnam War.
A Flag for Sunrise 1982 similarly explores the political and moral consequences of US intervention in a corrupt South American republic. Among his other works is Children of Light 1986.

Stone | engleski leksikon

5. Stone

muški rodlično ime

(1946-) US film director, screenwriter, and producer. Although working in Hollywood’s mainstream, he has tackled traditionally “difficult” social and political themes with great success. A former infantryman in Vietnam, Stone is perhaps best known for his trilogy of films on the Vietnam war Platoon 1986, Born on the Fourth of July 1989, which dealt with America’s treatment of its war veterans, and Heaven and Earth 1993, the biography of a Vietnamese woman.
His other notable films include Wall Street 1987, the epic-scaled JFK 1991, and Natural Born Killers 1994, an ultra-violent satire on media irresponsibility.
He won his first Academy Award for his screenplay for Midnight Express 1978. His other film credits include Scarface 1983 (screenplay), Salvador 1986 (director, screenplay, producer), Reversal of Fortune 1990 (producer), and The Doors 1991 (director, screenplay).

Stone | engleski leksikon

6. Stone

muški rodlično ime

Sinonimi: wreckfish | Polyprion americanus

(1872-1946) US jurist. He was associate justice to the US Supreme Court 1925–41 and chief justice 1941–46 under President Roosevelt.
During World War II he authored opinions favoring federal war powers and regulation of aliens.
Born in Chesterfield, New Hampshire, US, Stone graduated from Amherst College and Columbia University School of Law. He practiced in New York City and taught at Columbia, serving as dean of the law school 1910–23. President Coolidge appointed Stone US attorney general 1924 and to the US Supreme Court 1925.
As an associate justice, Stone favored judicial restraint, the making of decisions on constitutional rather than personal grounds. He dissented from numerous conservative decisions opposing President F D Roosevelt's New Deal legislation. He supported voting rights and use of the Constitution's commerce clause to justify federal legislation regulating interstate commerce.

Stone | engleski leksikon

7. Stone

muški rodlično ime

(John) (Nicholas) (1913-) British economist, a statistics expert whose system of “national income accounting” has been adopted in many countries. Nobel Prize for Economics 1984.

stone | engleski leksikon

8. stone


Sinonimi: pit

ETYM Old Eng. ston, stan, as. stân.
1. A piece of rock, usually rounded, of small or medium size.
2. A piece of stone hewn in a definite shape for a special purpose.
3. The single central seed in some fruits such as peaches and cherries enclosed in a hard woody shell; SYN. pit.
4. (British) An avoirdupois unit used to measure the weight of a human body; equal to 14 pounds.

stone | engleski leksikon

9. stone


Sinonimi: Rubus saxatilis

British unit (symbol st) of mass (chiefly used to express body mass) equal to 14 pounds avoirdupois (6.35 kg).

stone | engleski leksikon

10. stone


Sinonimi: lapidate

To kill by throwing stones at; SYN. lapidate.

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