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1. Sting

muški rodlično ime

Sinonimi: bite | prick

Adopted name of Gordon Sumner (1951-) English pop singer, songwriter, bass player, and actor. As a member of the trio the Police 1977–83, he had UK number-one hits with ‘Message in a Bottle’ 1979, ‘Walking on the Moon’ 1979, and ‘Every Breath You Take’ 1983. ‘Don’t Stand So Close to Me’ was the best-selling single in the UK 1980. In his solo career he has often drawn on jazz, as on the albums The Dream of Blue Turtles 1985, Nothing Like the Sun 1987, and Soul Cages 1991.

sting | engleski leksikon

2. sting


Sinonimi: bite | insect bite | stinging

ETYM as. sting a sting. Related to Sting.
1. A painful wound caused by the thrust of a stinger into skin; SYN. bite, insect bite.
2. Something as sudden and painful as a sting; SYN. stinging.

sting | engleski leksikon

3. sting


(Irregular preterit, past participle: stung).
To prick with a stinger; said of insects, scorpions, or other animals; SYN. bite, prick.

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