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1. stem


ETYM as. stemn, stefn, staefn.
The tube of a tobacco pipe.
Main supporting axis of a plant that bears the leaves, buds, and reproductive structures; it may be simple or branched. The plant stem usually grows above ground, although some grow underground, including rhizomes, corms, rootstocks, and tubers. Stems contain a continuous vascular system that conducts water and food to and from all parts of the plant.
The point on a stem from which a leaf or leaves arise is called a node, and the space between two successive nodes is the internode. In some plants, the stem is highly modified; for example, it may form a leaflike cladode or it may be twining (as in many climbing plants), or fleshy and swollen to store water (as in cacti and other succulents). In plants exhibiting secondary growth, the stem may become woody, forming a main trunk, as in trees, or a number of branches from ground level, as in shrubs.
1. Check, dam.
2. An act or instance of stemming on skis.

Stem | engleski leksikon

2. Stem


Town in North Carolina (USA); zip code 27581.

stem | engleski leksikon

3. stem


Sinonimi: stanch | staunch | halt

1. To stop the flow of a liquid flowing, such as blood from a wound; SYN. stanch, staunch, halt.
2. To grow out of, have roots in, originate in

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