stack | engleski leksikon

1. stack


A large tall chimney through which combustion gases and smoke can be evacuated

stack | engleski leksikon

2. stack


Isolated pillar of rock that has become separated from a headland by coastal erosion. It is usually formed by the collapse of an arch. Further erosion will reduce it to a stump, which is exposed only at low tide.
Old unit of measure for firewood equal to 108 cubic feet.
An orderly pile.

stack | engleski leksikon

3. stack


A region of reserved memory in which programs store status data such as procedure and function call addresses, passed parameters, and sometimes local variables. See also pop, push (definition 1). Compare heap (definition 1).
In computing, a method of storing data in which the most recent item stored will be the first to be retrieved. The technique is commonly called “last in, first out”.
Stacks are used to solve problems involving nested structures; for example, to analyze an arithmetical expression containing subexpressions in parentheses, or to work out a route between two points when there are many different paths.
Stack is an area in memory that is used directly by the microprocessor to store data during program execution. Variables on the stack are sometimes called automatic or scoped varibables.

stack | engleski leksikon

4. stack


Sinonimi: pile | heap | stagger | distribute

1. To arrange in stacks; SYN. pile, heap.
2. To load or cover with stacks
3. To arrange in a stack or pile; SYN. stagger, distribute.

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