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1. Siemens

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von (1816-1892) German electrical engineer and inventor who discovered the dynamo principle 1867. He organized in 1870 the construction of the Indo-European telegraph system between London and Calcutta via Berlin, Odessa, and Tehran.
Siemens was born near Hanover and studied at a military academy in Berlin. In 1847 he founded, with scientific instrumentmaker Johan Halske (1814–1890), the firm of Siemens-Halske to manufacture and construct telegraph systems.
In addition, he cooperated with his brothers who founded Siemens Brothers in the UK. As scientific consultant to the British government, Siemens helped to design the first cable-laying ship. He also helped to establish scientific standards of measurement.
Siemens's inventions include a process for gold-and silver-plating and a method for providing the wire in a telegraph system with seamless insulation, using gutta-percha.
Siemens introduced the double-T armature and succeeded in connecting the armature, the electromagnetic field, and the external load of an electric generator in a single current. His companies became pioneers in the development of electric traction—making trams, for example—and also electricity-generating stations.

siemens | engleski leksikon

2. siemens

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Sir William 1823-1883 British (German-born) inventor

siemens | engleski leksikon

3. siemens


Unit of electrical conductance equivalent to one ampere per volt
Si unit (symbol s) of electrical conductance, the reciprocal of the impedance of an electrical circuit. One siemens equals one ampere per volt. It was formerly called the mho or reciprocal ohm.

Siemens | engleski leksikon

4. Siemens

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Multinational industrial empire founded in Germany by Ernst Werner von Siemens and expanded by his brothers. William (Karl Wilhelm) (1823–1883) moved to the UK 1843; he perfected the open-hearth production of steel, pioneered the development of the electric locomotive and the laying of transoceanic cables, and improved the electric generator.
William Siemens was manager of the firm Siemens Brothers, with Friedrich Siemens (1826–1904); the latter returned to Germany 1864.
During World War I a subsidiary firm, Siemens-Schuckert, manufactured a series of fighter aircraft for the German army.

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