sheet | engleski leksikon

1. sheet


1. Rolled or spread out in a sheet
2. Of, relating to, or concerned with the making of sheet metal

sheet | engleski leksikon

2. sheet


A feature for handling dialog boxes included in the Mac OS X Aqua interface. When the user chooses to save or print a document, a translucent sheet emerges from the window title bar and remains attached to that window even if it is moved to the background. The sheet allows the user to continue working in the window, or in other windows, without closing the sheet.

sheet | engleski leksikon

3. sheet


Sinonimi: flat solid | bed sheet | tack | mainsheet | weather sheet | shroud | paper | sheet of paper | leaf | folio | page

ETYM Old Eng. shete, schete, as. scęte, scyte, from sceát a projecting corner, a fold in a garment (akin to Dutch schoot sheet, bosom, lap, German schoss bosom, lap, flap of a coat, Icel. skaut, Goth. skauts the hem of a garment).
1. A flat man-made object that is thin relative to its length and width; SYN. flat solid.
2. A large rectangular piece of cotton or linen cloth; used in pairs for bed linens; SYN. bed sheet.
3. A line (rope or chain) that regulates the angle at which a sail is set in relation to the wind; SYN. tack, mainsheet, weather sheet, shroud.
4. Any broad thin expanse or surface.
5. A piece of paper used for writing or printing; SYN. paper, sheet of paper, leaf, folio, page.

sheet | engleski leksikon

4. sheet


1. To cover with a sheet, as if by wrapping
2. To come down as if in sheets

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