shape | engleski leksikon

1. shape


ETYM Old Eng. shap, schap, as. sceap in gesceap creation, creature, from the root of scieppan, scyppan, sceppan, to shape, to do, to effect.
1. Any spatial attribute (especially as defined by outline); SYN. form, configuration, contour.
2. The spatial arrangement of something as distinct from its substance; SYN. form.
3. A concrete representation of an otherwise nebulous concept; SYN. embodiment.

shape | engleski leksikon

2. shape


Sinonimi: form | form | mold | mould | forge

ETYM See Shape (n.).
1. To cause to shape or form; SYN. form.
2. To make something, usually for a specific function; SYN. form, mold, mould, forge.
Acronym for Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, situated near Mons, Belgium, and the headquarters of NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe (saceur).

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