shade | engleski leksikon

1. shade


Sinonimi: tint | tincture | tone | shadiness | shadowiness

ETYM Old Eng. shade, shadewe, schadewe, as. sceadu, scead; akin to os. skado, Dutch schaduw, Old High Germ. scato, (gen. scatewes), German schatten, Goth. skadus, Irish and Gael. sgath, and probably to Greek skotos darkness. Cf. Shadow, Shed a hat.
1. A quality of a given color that differs slightly from a primary color; SYN. tint, tincture, tone.
2. Relative darkness caused by light rays being intercepted by an opaque body; SYN. shadiness, shadowiness.
3. Something that protects from direct sunlight.

shade | engleski leksikon

2. shade


A particular color variation produced by mixing black with a pure color. See also brightness, IRGB.

shade | engleski leksikon

3. shade


Sinonimi: fill in

1. To protect from light, heat, or view
2. To represent the effect of shade or shadow on; SYN. fill in.

shade | engleski leksikon

4. shade


To give added dimension to an image by including changes in appearance caused by light and shadow. See also color model.

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