saturation | engleski leksikon

1. saturation


1. In a switching device or amplifier, the fully conducting state. At saturation, the device is passing the maximum possible current. The term is most commonly used with reference to circuits containing bipolar or field-effect transistors.
2. In color graphics and printing, the amount of color in a specified hue, often specified as a percentage. See also HSB.

saturation | engleski leksikon

2. saturation


Sinonimi: chroma | intensity | vividness

ETYM Latin saturatio: cf. French saturation.
Occurs when the vapor is at the dew point or saturation temperature corresponding to its partial pressure. A gas in never saturated with a vapor. However, the space occupied jointly by the gas and vapor may be saturated.
1. The act of saturating something.
2. Chromatic purity: freedom from dilution with white and hence vividness of hue; SYN. chroma, intensity, vividness.
3. (Chemistry) The state in which a substance contains no multiple bonds and thus is incapable of undergoing additional reactions.
4. (Electronics) A condition when an increase in base current will not produce an appreciable change in the collector-emitter voltage.

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