rich | engleski leksikon


/ rɪtʃ /


1. Having an abundant supply of desirable qualities or substances (especially natural resources)
2. Possessing material wealth
3. Suggestive of or characterized by great expense
4. Of great worth or quality
5. Pleasantly full and mellow
6. Highly seasoned or containing large amounts of choice ingredients such as butter or sugar or eggs
7. (Metallurgy; chemistry) High in mineral content
8. Very productive

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Rich | engleski leksikon


ženski rodlično ime
/ rɪtʃ /


(1929-) US radical feminist poet, writer, and critic. Her poetry is both subjective and political, concerned with female consciousness, peace, and gay rights. Her works include On Lies, Secrets and Silence 1979 and The Fact of a Doorframe: Poems, 1950–84 1984.
In the 1960s her poetry was closely involved with the student and antiwar movements in the US but since then she has concentrated on women's issues. In 1974, when given the National Book Award, she declined to accept it as an individual, but with Alice Walker and Audrey Rich accepted it on behalf of all women.

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