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1. rib


ETYM as. rib, ribb; akin to Dutch rib, German rippe, Old High Germ. rippa, rippi, Dan. ribbe, Icel. rif, Russ. rebro.
1. A riblike supporting or strengthening part of an animal or plant.
2. Something resembling the rib of an animal.
3. Cut of meat including one or more ribs.

rib | engleski leksikon

2. rib


Sinonimi: costa

Any of 24 curved arches of bone extending from the spine to or toward the sternum in man and a similar bone in most vertebrates; SYN. costa.
Long, usually curved bone that extends laterally from the spine in vertebrates. Most fishes and many reptiles have ribs along most of the spine, but in mammals they are found only in the chest area. In humans, there are 12 pairs of ribs. The ribs protect the lungs and heart, and allow the chest to expand and contract easily.
At the rear, each pair is joined to one of the vertebrae of the spine. The upper seven are joined by cartilage directly to the breast bone (sternum). The next three are joined by cartilage to the end of the rib above. The last two (“floating ribs”) are not attached at the front.

rib | engleski leksikon

3. rib


1. To form vertical ribs by knitting.
2. To furnish or enclose with ribs
3. To knit so as to form vertical ridges in

rib | engleski leksikon

4. rib


To convert audio data from a compact disc into a WAV file or other digital format, typically in preparation for further encoding as an MP3 file. See also MP3.

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