revenue značenje | engleski prevodilac

revenue značenje | engleski prevodilac


IPA: / revənuː /

Množina: revenues


ETYM French revenu, Old Fren. revenue, from revenir to return, Latin revenire; pref. re- re- + venire to come. Related to Come.
1. That which returns, or comes back, from an investment; the annual, profits, interest, or issues of any kind of propert
y, real or personal; income.
2. The annual yield of taxes, excise, customs, duties, rents, etc., which a nation, state, or municipality collects.
Money received from taxes or the sale of a product. Total revenue can be calculated by multiplying the average price received by the total quantity sold. Average revenue is the average price received and is calculated by dividing total revenue by total quantity sold. Marginal revenue is the revenue gained from the sale of an additional unit of output.
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gross · receipts · tax income · tax revenue · taxation
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