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1. response


ETYM Old Fren. response, respons, French réponse, from Latin responsum, from respondere. Related to Respond.
1. A phrase recited or sung by the congregation following a versicle by the priest or minister.
2. A result.
Any change in an organism occurring as a result of a stimulus. There are many different types of response, some involving the entire organism, others only groups of cells or tissues. Examples include the muscular contractions in an animal, the movement of leaves toward the light, and the onset of hibernation by small mammals at the start of winter.

response | engleski leksikon

2. response


A type of antiphony used in the Anglican Church, in which the congregation replies to the plainsong chants of the priest; in Reformed churches, it refers to a short piece sung by the choir following a prayer. In this context the response often consists of a repeated “amen”.

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